Steadfast Does Cloud Hosting Right.

Custom cloud blocks

Customized Cloud Hosting

Are you looking for a public cloud, a private cloud, or a hybrid cloud that combines multiple services together? We work to understand your requirements and deliver the unique services you need.

Pay per use and scale

Pay For What You Use

Cloud hosting should scale up and down based on what your business is doing. We make it easy to change your available power as traffic increases and applications evolve.

Engineers on the phone

Always Available

Be certain your Chicago cloud hosting is available whenever you need it. We offer a detailed service level agreement guaranteeing 99.99% uptime and true 24/7 support.

To configure your managed cloud services, use the Steadfast Service Builder,
contact us or call +1(312)602-2689 option 2.

Benefits of Managed Cloud Hosting

Steadfast's Cloud Advantages

What truly sets the Steadfast Cloud apart from other cloud providers is that you aren't on your own. Every single cloud account comes with basic management, meaning it comes with Steadfast's "Always There" support, providing you with the peace of mind that comes from our 24/7 expertise. Our Basic Management services are designed to handle the most critical aspects of server management and administration. Basic managed cloud services include:

  • 99.99% uptime SLA
  • Updates for supported software as requested
  • Repair of major issues with pre-installed software
  • 1 hour/month of system administration for supported software per month
  • On-demand DNS management
  • On-demand security assessments
  • On-demand antivirus protection
  • 24/7 phone, email, and ticket support
  • Full time, onsite personnel

Unlike conventional hardware servers, the cloud brings together multiple servers and storage arrays into one unified system. This means:

  • You can always access the hardware resources you need for outstanding performance
  • Your applications are more consistently available, with no single point of failure
  • You pay for the resources you need, not a plan that greatly exceeds your usage
  • You can scale instantly, ensuring you're always prepared for rapid growth

Our Infrastructure

A cloud hosting solution is only as good as its infrastructure. We have one of the best in the industry.

The Steadfast Cloud is an SSAE16/SOC3 audited system with robust security and high availability built in. For every device, a redundant copy sits waiting to step in should a failure occur.

For storage, we use an Enterprise NetApp SAN, bringing together hundreds hard drives and low latency solid-state cache. With this enterprise solution in place, disk IO is lightning-fast, supporting even your most disk-intensive applications and web services.

Finally, we turn our network, storage, and SuperMicro servers into cloud hosting using Xen hypervisors. Hardware resources are carefully managed and, in the event of failure, your virtual machines are automatically allocated to a new hypervisor for uninterrupted service.

Cloud Software

On the foundation of our high availability cloud infrastructure, you need applications you can get along with. We provide a choice of software solutions for your virtual machines, from operating systems to web servers and control panels.

At the foundation level, you can choose from operating systems including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Windows.

You can also instantly launch virtual machines with your required applications using JumpBox. We have 70+ JumpBox applications, with our most popular applications being MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and a range of content management systems including WordPress, Drupal,nd Joomla.

Finally, to help you get the cloud hosting you require, we also offer a choice of additional software from web servers to hosting control panels as well as the ability for you to make your own, custom templates.

Software Pricing

Most of the software provided with cloud hosting is free of charge, but some software does entail licensing fees.

  • Windows 2008/2012 - $0.01 per hour
  • Interworx - $5 per month
  • cPanel - $10 per month
  • Odin Plesk 10 Domain - $8 per month
  • Odin Plesk 100 Domain - $25 per month
  • Odin Plesk Unlimited - $40 per month
  • Softaculous - $1 per month
  • Litespeed Web Server 2GB of RAM - $12 per month
  • Litespeed Web Server 8GB of RAM - $18 per month

Cloud Pricing

All of our public cloud pricing is done based on actual resource allocation, on an hourly basis while private cloud environments will be based on monthly fees for the number of allocated resources.

Public Cloud Resource Pricing

  • 30Mhz CPU (1% of 1 core) - $0.00083/h or $0.60/month*
  • 1GB Memory - $0.013/h or $10/month* (Available in 1MB Increments)
  • 1GB NetApp SAS Storage - $0.00027/h or $0.20/month*
  • 1GB NetApp SATA Storage - $0.00013/h or $0.10/month*
  • 1 GB Outbound Bandwidth - $0.06
  • Public IP - $0.0014/h or $1/month*
  • Private IP - $0.0007/h or $0.50/month*
  • *Pricing is based on an average month, 730.48 hours, billed hourly. Hourly pricing is rounded.

Private Cloud Pricing

Basic private clouds built off our existing OnApp platform can be configured starting at only $399.95 per month while dedicated environments start at $1600 per month. Private clouds can come in all shapes and sizes, the options are nearly endless, so please contact us for pricing and options.

Private Cloud

Get your own virtual private data center with secure cloud computing in a dedicated environment. Build your own cloud, but keep the control.

Whether you need to meet the demands of compliance, take fine control of your resources, or keep your data more secure, a Steadfast Private Cloud is a custom solution designed around your business and your needs.

Drawing on our expertise in the cloud, we can develop cloud hosting using OnApp, Xen, KVM or VMware technology, integrating with our own storage, your own network, or your colocated hardware to create a dedicated private cloud.

Hybrid Cloud

Sometimes you need to combine the security of a private cloud with public cloud services. We can bring together private and public clouds, dedicated servers, colocated hardware, and backup services to design and implement a hybrid cloud solution.

With your own private VLAN connecting our services together, you can manage a single bandwidth commitment and use common systems including firewalls and load balancers.

As a result, you can take control of your cloud while offloading specific applications or processes to the public cloud as necessary. Performance is better than ever, leveraging the benefits of different services, without compromising your security and control.

Full Management

If you need our expert administrators to handle every aspect of server management, our fully managed servers offer you complete support for only $80 a month per virtual machine. We also provide a range of additional services to keep your server online and operational at all times, including proactive response to restore service with no input from you. Fully managed dedicated servers include:

  • 100% network uptime SLA
  • 200GB Managed Backup
  • Proactive response to service outage
  • Proactive security updates
  • Continuous data protection services
  • Enterprise-grade spam filtering for up to 10 domains
  • Installation of supported and 3rd party software
  • Repair of all issues with pre-installed software
  • Updates for supported software as requested
  • Automated backup script setup
  • Log analysis
  • Ping/service monitoring for unlimited services
  • Adding additional IPs to your server
  • On-demand DNS management
  • On-demand antivirus protection
  • On-demand server security improvements and proactive recommendations
  • On-demand PCI compliance testing
  • 24/7 onsite personnel
  • Unlimited system administration

 Steadfast Cloud Builder

Configure your own custom combination of cloud VMs, check the total price, and instantly send the order to Steadfast to begin setup—or share it with other people to get feedback! If you would also like to add dedicated servers and colocation data center services to the mix, use the fully-featured Service Builder instead.