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Holiday Special!

Posted in Servers / Server Hardware on December 17th, 2008

For the holidays, we are offering our first wide-spread special offer ever, that I recall. We are offering free double RAM and free double disk space on all standard service offerings and free setup on a majority of our servers. Right now, we are planning to run this special through January 2, or while supplies last. You can see all of our dedicated server offerings from here:

Hopefully some of you can take advantage of this offer, and Happy Holidays!

I had been thinking of adding additional bandwidth billing options to our dedicated server offerings, as we always get asked for different amounts, but the list was starting to get too large. To prevent this issue, we have just gone with an overall flexible bandwidth billing structure. You can select the billing method, monthly data transfer (per GB), unmetered (capped), or 95th percentile, as well as the exact amount of bandwidth you want. If you want a 31 Mbit/sec capped line, you can now order that right through our site, and then follow that with a server with 2348 GB of monthly data transfer.

These changes have also been made to prove a point, that we do not oversell bandwidth and that we do not want to over-charge our clients. We allow you to select however much bandwidth you need and at every usage level, you will be guaranteed to be able to use that amount as much as you wish. In addition, we will only bill you for what you actually need. We don't want to stick you with getting a 100 Mbit/sec line when you only need 80 Mbit/sec. If we keep your costs down, we increase your chances of being able to grow your business, and to grow with us, which is what is best for all involved.

You can read about the specifics of the pricing and billing options here:

Note: Yes, the name of the file, flexibandibill.php, is what we were originally going to call this plan, though it would have been Flexi-Bandi-Bill. The idea was to basically mock all of the horrible trademarked offerings that exist out there, though we figured not enough people would see it as a joke, but would instead think we were just stupid ourselves. Oh well, I guess it can be a fun inside joke between us. ;-)

We are aware that one of our competitors, Alpha Red, is in serious trouble and is likely going out of business. We do not want to see the innocent customers of Alpha Red damaged by these events, so we are offering various offerings to those "refugee" customers.

First, we are offering free backup space to any Alpha Red customers. Then we are offering moving assistance to any customers moving to us from Alpha Red. We can also offer heavily discounted pricing, so that hopefully you can still operate you business at a similar cost level, though we certainly can't match the low pricing Alpha Red was offering across the board. To assist with these migrations, we do have a direct peering relationship with Alpha Red, through the Chicago Internet Exchange. This link is uncongested from Alpha Red's side and has been getting various customers very good download speeds at this time as it is basically acting as a dedicated GigE connection to Alpha Red.

To take advantage of these offers, please email us at

We have known for a couple months now that we have made the Inc. 5000 list, but today we have learned our exact spot, #370, meaning we have made the prestigious Inc. 500 list of 500 fastest growing private companies in the US. You can see our full profile on the site and there you can also see we are also #19 in the Chicago metro area and #46 in the IT Services category.

I would like to thank all of our employees, past and present, as well as all of our clients for helping us get to this point. I certainly couldn't have done it all by myself.

Inc 500

New MySQL Server

Posted in Servers / Server Hardware on August 19th, 2008

Today we have just added a new MySQL server to our shared hosting product to help improve overall MySQL performance. If you are a current shared hosting customer and are experiencing slowness on MySQL, please open a ticket with our support department and they will be able to schedule a time to move your databases over. This database migration would require the database to be taken down for a period of time to assure the data is migrated properly.

Note: If you are using the new MySQL server make sure to specify in any scripts you may be using to access, not localhost or All newly registered shared hosting accounts will use the new MySQL server by default.

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