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New eCheck/ACH Payment Option

Posted in Our Customers on August 28th, 2009

We are pleased to announce that we are now allowing payments via eCheck/ACH through Ubersmith for our dedicated server and colocation customers. This will give you an additional payment option, allowing you to withdraw payments directly from your checking or savings account. These payments will be processed almost instantly and can serve as a great alternative to credit card payments.

To begin using eCheck/ACH payments all you need to do is login to your Billing/Management account at From there, go to “View Billing Info” under the “Client Profile” and you will see any credit cards you have on file on the left and a block for adding/editing bank accounts on the right. Then just click “add bank account” and enter the bank information as requested. If you have any troubles with this feel free to contact our billing department by sending an email to

Note: Right now we can only accept payments up to $5000. If you are planning to send us more than $5000 via eCheck/ACH please contact us in advance ( and get approval before sending the payment.


London and Amsterdam Peering Live

Posted in Networking on August 27th, 2009

I am proud to announce that our network has now gone international with peering at LINX in London and AMS-IX in Amsterdam.  LINX and AMS-IX are two of the largest peering exchanges in the world, and will give us access to hundreds of new networks.  This will allow us to increase our direct peering relationships significantly, meaning faster routes and reduced congestion for our customers.

You can read about our other peering points and peering policy here.

Due to the sheer number of available peers at those two exchanges it will take some time for us to establish relationships with all these networks.  If you are located in Europe or know of users located in Europe, please contact us by emailing and we will look into expiditing any connections that may improve performance to those networks.

New York Colocation Available

Posted in Data Centers on August 6th, 2009

We have finally gotten all the kinks worked out with our plans for colocation in the New York Metro area and are now accepting orders for New York colocation services. We will begin turning up services on September 1.

We are happy to have partnered with Switch and Data at their North Bergen facility to be able to provide you with a truly top-rate services, in a SAS 70 Type II facility, at an affordable price. Since this is not our own facility, we don't have quite the flexibility on the pricing side, New York is also a bit more expensive in general, so some pricing is higher than in Chicago, though we feel it is still very competitive for the New York market. In addition, through our partner, Atlantic Metro, we will be offering transport service to other carrier hotels in New York, including 111 8th, 60 Hudson, and 25 Broadway, as well as metro Ethernet services.

If you have any questions regarding our new New York services, please contact our sales department by calling us at 312-602-2689 option 2 or emailing us at

Note: New York is also acting as our "jumping off point" for our European and East Coast peering. We are hoping to have peering turned up at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), the London Internet Exchange (LINX), and Equinix Exchange Ashburn before the end of the month. We already have established peering relationships at the New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) and PAIX New York.

Hostingcon 2009

Posted in Tech Events on July 16th, 2009

Hostingcon 2009 is less than a month away and I am hoping to see some of you there. The event is August 10-12 at the Gaylord National outside Washington, DC. If you haven't signed up yet, you can still use our discount code STEADFASTNETWORKS2009 to get $60 off a full conference pass, or lesser amounts for the other passes.

Right now, we don't have anything definite planned, but Kevin and I will be arriving Sunday afternoon, the 9th. If anyone wants to get together before the show starts, maybe we can put together a little "customer dinner" though I must say I am not familiar with the area around there.

If you're there, please stop by our booth, #225, and pick up a Steadfast Networks t-shirt, a Hostingcon tradition. We will also have a limited number of flex fit baseball hats available to customers/special guests.

POP Live in New York City

Posted in Networking on June 3rd, 2009

Our POP in New York City is now open for business!

We have now opened a POP in New York City, inside Switch and Data on the 15th floor of 111 8th, with fiber available to TelX. Currently, the POP is established to expand our peering footprint, we're currently actively peering at both PAIX New York and NYIIX, and to provide Internet transit services in the New York metro area.

For the future, we are planning to open backup, colocation and dedicated server services in the New York metro area. We will likely begin offering backup services and colocation services, shared colocation and full cabinets, in July and then dedicated server services would follow in August or September. Due to the higher costs in New York, for both space and power, our rates for colocation space and servers will be a little higher there.

If you have any questions about our new services in the New York area please contact our sales department.

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