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Data Center Construction Report - Dec. 10

Posted in Data Centers on December 15th, 2009

Yes, I made the last post December 10th, and then I got the latest update from them right after that, so I figured I'd wait a little before posting additional updates.

As of Dec. 10 this was the progress:

Basement Construction Progress Summary:
Existing Electrical Room: Temporary C/T Cabinet – installation in progress. Cab is piped to exist switchboard and over to the temporary transformer. Awaiting temp transformer.

7th Floor Construction Progress Summary:
Demolition: Complete.
Walls: Modifications primarily complete awaiting paint.
Doors: New openings framed, awaiting installation
Floors: Preparation for tile started.
Ceilings: New lights being installed and new ceiling tile on-site

8th Floor Construction Progress Summary:
Demolition: Complete.
Walls: Rear (East) windows – blackout film completed.
Floors: Latex coat in progress.
Ceilings: Painting complete.

Here is a PDF with some pictures from Dec. 9th:

Data Center Construction Update

Posted in Data Centers on December 10th, 2009

I apologize for the delay here, but I've been quite busy lately and haven't had time to put together another data center update for our new site at 725 S Wells, here in Chicago.

This is the data from the report on Friday, Dec. 4:

7th Floor Construction Progress Summary:
Demolition: VCT tile, interior doors and Break Room cabinets removed, carpet removal in-progress.

8th Floor Construction Progress Summary:
Demolition: Overall space cleaned of debris. Bathroom demo complete except for plumbing. Existing HVAC units removed except for one on the North side. This will kept for temp heating. Suite entrance wall, doors and glass block window demolition in-progress.
Painting: Concrete slab ceiling – removal of loose paint in-progress in preparation of painting.

Since then, all demolition has been completed, walls on the 7th floor are being prepared for painting and floors prepared for tile.  On the 8th floor, the ceiling has been prepared and painted and a final coating is being put on the concrete floors to smooth them out and to make them more durable.  Things are really progressing nicely at this point.

Here is a PDF with some pictures from Dec. 4th:

Any2 California Peering Live

Posted in Networking, Our Customers on November 23rd, 2009

We had finally finished configuration of our Any2 California router and circuits on Friday and today have turned up our first peers at that location.  Any2 is one of the larger Internet exchanged in the US, with roughly 200 members, and extends between multiple Coresite owned facilities throughout California, including 55 S Market in San Jose, where our POP is, and One Wilshire in Los Angeles.  This peering point should allow us to further extend our network reach, especially in the Southwestern US, Asia, and Australia, and increasing overall network performance to users in those regions.

One day in, we already have several peering sessions turned up, including sessions to Los Nettos, the network provider for USC, the California Insitute of Technology, and other education/research institutions in the Los Angeles area, Atlantic Metro Communications, a nationwide network service provider that we already peer with in Chicago and New York, Ygnition, a privately owned cable television, phone, and Internet provider, GTA Teleguam, a full service communications company based in Guam, and Transtelco, a telecommunications provider in the American Southwest and Northern Mexico.  There are several sessions with other smaller providers as well.  We feel we're off to a good start and look to add dozens of new peering partners over the coming weeks.

If you are looking to peer with Steadfast Networks at any of our many peering points, ChIX, Equinix Chicago, Equinix Ashburn, NYIIX, PAIX New York, PAIX Palo Alto, Any2 California, LINX, and AMS-IX, please look over our peering policy.

Around January 1, we will be replacing our 10 GIgE circuit to Savvis in Chicago with a 10 GigE circuit to NTT in each Palo Alto, Chicago, and New York.  This will increase our overall network capacity and scope, improving service out of our new POPs.  This decision is also being made to improve overall network performance globally.  There should be no major network outages/issues relating to this change.

We have been using Savvis ever since we opened our dedicated server and colocation operations back in 2004.  THis is not a decision we are taking lightly, but over time, we have simply seen a lack of overall network improvement and growth.  Savvis target seems to be largely on the data center side, where they compete with us, and in gaining financial and enterprise transport business, which does not help us as far as network reach.  In addition, Savvis' network outside of the US has been relatively weak and does not seem to be getting any stronger.

On the other hand, we have been watching the continued growth of NTT while they increase their overall network reach, as is demonstrated by the Knodes index:  Being a Japanese based copmpany, they have a significant Asian network, and with the Verio roots there is also significant US and European infrastructure.  According to representatives at NTT, they also plan to make a push into South America, helping us to connect with those emerging markets.

This change will result in various route changes and I am certain some of you may see slightly increased latency, though based on our own measurements the improvements we see should far outweight the negatives.

Improved Phone Service

Posted in Our Customers on November 5th, 2009

We are in the process of changing VoIP providers for our sales/support services.  As a part of this change, we are also improving the reach of our phone support services.  Now, our toll-free number 888-281-9449 will work from both the US and Canada, instead of just the US.  These changes are also noted on the Contact Us page of our web site.  We have also added a new number for our UK customers (44)2033181415, which should help reduce their long distance bills. Hopefully these changes will make things easier on our Canadian and UK based customers.  If you experience any issues with the new number or the new VoIP provider/system please contact us and we will work to resolve those issues promptly.

If we have further demand to add more international numbers, we will do our best to meet everyone's needs.  We are only looking to extend coverage to countries where the primary language spoken is English, as we currently only offer support in English and do not want to mislead potential customers into thinking we offer support in other languages.

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