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Data Center Construction Report - Feb.10

Posted in Our Customers on February 12th, 2010

Here is the construction report on the new data center from Feb. 10.

General Building:
Dock: Temporary tap gen box installed.
Vertical Risers: PDU feeds from 8th to 6th floor near complete.
A/C condenser relocation: Condenser platform installed – awaiting condensers.

Basement Construction Progress Summary:
Existing Electrical Room: Temporary electrical service complete; transformer not currently energized.
Future Elec Room: Transfer switch installed.

8th Floor Construction Progress Summary:
Walls: Majority of gyp. bd. complete.
Doors/Windows: Office window frame installed, door frames on-site awaiting
Floors: Raised floor laid-out over the underlayment. PDU & CRAH stands on-
Ceilings: E/W Uni-strut installation complete.
Voice/Data Security: Installation of blue color pipe for Steadfast security and
yellow for data in-progress.
Electrical: New 400 amp panel mounted, installing switches and wall outlets.
Plumbing: Plumbing primarily complete, Hot water heater installed, new water
service riser and pumps on-hold.
Fire Alarm: Installation of red color conduit and in-progress
Mechanical (Chilled water): Chilled water line installation in progress primarily
the mechanical room, pumps arrived, lines installed to 7th floor.
Mechanical (Vent): Roof penetrations completed, fan coil units on-site, economizer ductwork in-progress.
Sprinklers: Turned pipe up, branch work and 2” wet main to office area in-
Finishes: Primer and first coat paint complete.
Miscellaneous: Temp freight elev and suite door installed. Mech conc housekeeping pads installed. Structural support for AHU-A penetration complete.

Roof Construction Progress Summary:

Exterior: Exhaust fan and piping cores penetrations complete.
Interior: Elec room – 2 hr partitions complete awaiting door.

Then, pictures:

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A deal between Steadfast Networks and Neosurge has now been finalized.  Neosurge is getting out of the dedicated server and colocation business, remaining with shared hosting and VPS services, and has sold the dedicated server and colocation business to Steadfast Networks for an undisclosed sum.

We would like to welcome these new customers to the Steadfast Network family, and always feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues.

Here is a copy of the notice sent to NeoSurge dedicated server and colocation customers by Neosurge:

In order to provide true onsite support and a better experience overall, today we're announcing the aquisition of Neosurge's dedicated server and colocation business by Nozone Inc., dba Steadfast Networks. No pricing terms will change, but you will be provided with superior support and services by Steadfast. You will have direct access to Steadfast Network's 24/7/365 onsite staff and phone support (details provided below). Steadfast also operates a much better network then Neosurge was able to provide by providing more peering, higher redundancy, better routing equipment as well as a providing a more experienced network technical staff.

In the coming weeks, there will be a transition to Steadfast's networking infrastructure requiring a change in IP's. This will be heavily coordinated and done within the customer specified schedule. You will soon be receiving emails from for new management, billing and networking related issues.

I will still be available to assist with any issues, or address any concerns that you may have. This transition will provide you with much better service without a compromise to pricing.

OK, I'm back on schedule.  I just got this report regarding progress as of Jan. 21 on Friday.

Basement Construction Progress Summary:
Existing Electrical Room: No ComEd shut down required. MDI Electric installed the bus detail “hot” in the existing 1600 amp switchgear. Building shutdown (load side) required and planned for January 30th to terminate cables.
Boiler Room: Demo of existing boilers and related piping complete.

7th Floor Construction Progress Summary:
Doors: Complete except card readers and elec. strikes.
Floors: Complete. Tile trim req. at suite door.
Voice/Data Security: Card reader and elec. strikes req.

8th Floor Construction Progress Summary:
Demolition: Complete.
Walls: Majority of gyp. Bd. Complete except toilets.
Doors/Windows: Office window frame installed, door frames on-site awaiting installation.
Floors: Raised floor laid-out over the underlayment
Ceilings: Uni-strut threaded rod installation in-progress.
Voice/Data Security: Voice/data wiring pulled from 7th floor to IDF Room.
Electrical: Roughing in primarily complete. Starline elect. Bus arrived and currently being loaded in building on the 4th floor.
Plumbing: Plumbing in-progress on 8th & 7th floors – drain lines & coring work.
Drain lines for the 8th floor toilets shall be ran o the 8th floor in lieu of 7th floor ceiling.
Fire Alarm: Not started.
Mechanical (Chilled water): Layout work in-progress (pumps, lines, CRAHs, etc...). Under access floor brackets installation in-progress.
Mechanical (Vent): Not started.

And here are the pictures:

Today we have just turned up a major new transit customer, Wiscnet, Wisconsin's Research and Education network. This network connects over 400 sites counting for over 900,000 end users.  That is 900,000 end users that have direct and easy access to your sites and servers, with no intermediary networks.  Not many web hosts, dedicated server providers, or colocation providers can offer so many end users, directly on-net.  We consider this relationship to be a great benefit to Wiscnet and it's members as we provide additional and complete network connectivity to them, but also a benefit to our existing customers due to the increased scope and diversity of our network as a whole.

This agreement is also the start of a major new push we are making to serve educational and research insitutes.  If you are an educational or research institution looking for extremely competitively priced Internet transit service please contact our sales departmant, or call 312-602-2689 option 2.  The only "catch" is that you must connect to us out of 111 8th in New York City, 350 E Cermak in Chicago, 529 Bryant in Palo Alto, or 55 S Market in San Jose.  If your network is not extended to any of those sites currently, we can also work with you to find transport partners to be able to reach our network inter-connection points.

Wiscnet is a 501c3 non-profit member organization providing network access to it's members. There are over 400 higher-ed, K12 school districts, library systems (each one serving 15-40 libraries), city and county governments, and the Wisconsin state government that are WiscNet members. This includes all 26 University of Wisconsin campuses, the entire Technical College system, and about 70% of the K12 school districts in Wisconsin. A list of their members can be found at:

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