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Steadfast Now on Skype

Posted in Our Customers on December 17th, 2010

Now that we have updated our PBX system, we have integrated our PBX with Skype. Just download Skype, if you don't have it already, and call our username steadfastnetworks, you can click our username there to add us to your contact list, and you can call us, from anywhere in the world, at no charge. This should be quite convenient to our international users who no longer need to make an international call to reach us, but it will also help those of you who simply prefer to use Skype instead of the phone. Now you really have no excuse to contact us when you have any questions for us!

If you have any issues with Skype please contact our network operations department,, with the report. You can then still use our ticket system, email, or our standard phone numbers for submitting a ticket.

Skype Me!

I am proud to announce that Steadfast Networks is now a part of the Illinois Technology Association. The Illinois Technology Association (ITA) is a driving force behind the growth of Illinois' vibrant technology industry. ITA’s agenda is simple – grow technology companies by fostering deep collaboration among the diverse industry all in support of developing the ecosystem necessary to foster the success of member companies. All the while tirelessly advocating for the industry to raise the awareness of Illinois as a leading technology community.

ITA's philanthropic arm, the Illinois Technology Foundation, is earnestly involved in the Chicago Academy for Advanced Technology (CAAT). The CAAT is a Chicago high school, run in collaboration with the Center for Polytechnical Education, the City of Chicago, private sector leaders, and entrepreneurs. ITA mentors students in the program through an established program providing a minimum of monthly meetings and guidance. The students, who have shown an interest and ability in technology, are supported and encouraged to continue their education in technology, building the future of the technology industry leadership in Illinois.

Overall, we feel our membership in this organization will help in improve the IT environment in Illinois and innovation throughout Illinois through fostering entrepreneurship and helping to develop our next generation of IT workers. We are proud to help with these types of activities and are happy to be a more active member of the Illinois IT community.

I did an interview several days ago with Ken Hess of The Frugal Tech Show to be featured in one of his Podcasts. I had a good time, though I started out a bit nervous. Hopefully I don't sound too stupid, it was my first public interview in awhile, the last being at HostingCon. Now, if anyone thinks I'd be a good interview subject, feel free to contact our sales department by emailing and we can set something up.

To listen to my interview specifically you can go here:

I am proud to announce that we're now launching Steadfast Financial Networks at As our financial/trading customer base has been growing we decided it was a good decision to acquire RadiusIT, who had become a consulting partner of ours over the years. RadiusIT brings decades of experience in the financial network consulting business, which we can combine with our proximity colocation facilities, 24/7 on-site staff, and nationwide network to offer an end-to-end IT solution to financial and trading firms. If you're interested in any of these financial network services, such as network consulting, market feed data, proximity colocation, or in-depth 24/7 monitoring please contact us.

We have been offering them for a bit now as customer orders, but they're now a standard product offering, the Xeon X5660 2.8Ghz six core processor in a dual processor configuration. These servers come with 12GB of RAM and 2x 500GB hard drives (using our current RAID special) for $599.95 a month. This can serve as a great option to those currently running their Xeon 5520's to the max or simply need some additional headroom as it'll get you ~25% more processing power per core and 50% more cores for a nearly 90% performance improvement, assuming what you're doing can take full advantage of the additional cores. With this offering, you can get nearly twice the processing power and twice the RAM for just a 50% higher cost for the base system.

These servers can be ordered via our usual dedicated server page:

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