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Stop SOPA: Day of Action

Posted in Our Customers on January 18th, 2012

Go to Reddit and Wikipedia, I'll wait. Not much there, right? That's what our future looks like if the SOPA or PIPA bills get passed Today, January 18th is a Day of Action to oppose SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA, the Protect IP Act. These noble intentioned but terribly misguided pieces of legislation will cripple our online rights to free speech and due process. We've posted many times about this, now the Day of Action has arrived and we offer the following recommendations on how you can stand up and fight against these Orwellian bills.

1. Write your representation! With both SOPA in the Senate and PIPA in the House of Representatives it's our obligation to contact the fine people we elected to represent us and tell them how they can oppose this legislation and do what's right. You can find who your elected representative are at

2. Show our unity! By banding together and sending a clear, concise message that misguided legislation such as SOPA and PIPA cannot and will not be tolerated we can be heard much farther than any one voice could ever be heard. Sites such as can show you how to add your name to the list of sites that are standing in protest, some blocking content, others completely denying access as an example of what can happen if draconian laws like SOPA and PIPA are enacted.

3. Spread the word! Tweet, blog, email, write, speak up and tell everyone that will listen why this legislation is dangerous and to take action themselves! It's only through education and action that we can show our government that there are basic rights we are all granted and free speech without fear of censorship and the suspension of due process is standing at the forefront today. Stop SOPA. Stop PIPA. Start talking. Start acting.


Contact: Matt Wolff

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Change is good, change is here!

Posted in Steadfast in the News on December 15th, 2011

New Navigation!

We're excited to announce the first in a line of upcoming changes to our website!

Thanks in part to feedback from clients and staff, we're endeavoring to make more user friendly and accessible. We've assembled a laundry list of improvements and requests and are implementing, starting with easier to use navigation and homepage design. The drop down menu should help you find what you're looking for faster and easier than ever!

We're open to your feedback and comments - what do you think?


The People vs SOPA

Posted in Tech Politics on December 13th, 2011

At Steadfast Networks we understand all too well how important it is to keep our rights to free speech and expression. As I type this the final revisions to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) are being penned and it's due to go in front of the US House of Representatives within two days. Opposition to this bill have come from every bastion of free speech on the Internet from Facebook to Google, Yahoo to Twitter. Leaders of tech industry and great minds from many fields are speaking out against the greatest threat to our online right to free expression to ever exist. It's important for you to oppose this legislation with us, and here's why: It will not end with the Internet.

Under the guise of stopping online piracy, SOPA will give governmental agencies and copyright holders unprecedented power to limit what you can and cannot access on the Internet. On even the slightest suspicion of copyright or intellectual property infringement an order can come down the wire to limit access to a suspected site up to and including cutting off its ability to generate revenue, barring search engines from listing it, shutting off DNS for the domain or just plain out and out removing it from a server. This applies to any subdomains that may not even be related to the site in question and because SOPA doesn't differentiate subdomains, the potential for collateral damage is mind-bogglingly largeSOPA is dangerous legislation introduced by people who do not grasp technology or the effects their hazardous bill will have.

It will make service providers think twice about the hassle of hosting controversial clients. It will open up the floodgates on frivolous lawsuits and impact how venture capital providers fund startups. The one thing it will likely do absolutely nothing to stop is online piracy, its so-called intended target. And once in place, it isn't a stretch to see controlling interests move to apply it to media. Books. Art. Public speech. Claiming copyright infringement they could shut down avenues of free speech that form the basis of American freedom.

Suffice it to say SOPA needs to be struck down before it can gain any more traction than it already has.

So what can you do?

SPEAK OUT. Blog about it. Talk to anyone that will listen. Contact your representatives. Here are several resources to read more about SOPA and take action:

And two petitions to sign:
(Look for "Stop the E-PARASITE Act")

We must make our stand and we must make it now. United we stand, Steadfast we'll succeed.

American Censorship Day

Posted in Tech Politics on November 16th, 2011

November 16th is American Censorship Day. It's a day of protest and in opposition to to H.R. 3261, the "Stop Online Piracy Act."

At Steadfast Networks we oppose Internet piracy in any form. We comply with any legitimate takedown requests that we receive and do not tolerate our network being used for illegal purposes. We're sure the spirit of H.R. 3261 is true and if its language and proposals were in line with that we would stand firm behind it.

However that's not the reality of the bill. In reality this bill can and will be used to cripple free speech on the Internet through granting totalitarian rule to governmental agencies giving them the unprecedented ability to remove and restrict access to free speech without any need for proof that a law is being broken.

At present if a client has content on their website that another organization feels infringes on their intellectual property there is a process that the organization follows which results in the disputed content either being removed, or not removed depending on the evidence presented. That much isn't slated to change, however what H.R. 3261 introduces is the ability for government agencies to go so far as to not only force that client's web host to take the site down, but also to prevent that site's owners from conducting business - actually removing their ability to process credit cards and advertising can be cut off.

In essence without any proof whatsoever, a small business can be completely and totally destroyed if there is a dispute over what it features on its website.

Please see this video to see how this legislation can cripple free speech and the Internet.

Steadfast Networks cannot and will not stay quiet in the face of legislation that stands in stark contrast to its fundamental and core belief that free speech is what makes our nation great.

We ask you to stand with us against H.R. 3261 and keep free speech alive on the Internet. For more information, please visit and unite with Steadfast Networks and thousands of other organizations to oppose this legislation and those that would impose censorship on our unalienable rights granted by the Constitution.

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