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DDoS Protection Fully Implemented

Posted in Networking on May 18th, 2007

Note: Due to network expansion, the RioRey solution was no longer a valid option.  We are now offering DDoS protection services as an add-on through a partnership with Black Lotus.

We are proud to announce that our installation of our DDoS protection hardware has been completed and fully tested. Our entire network is now 100% DDoS protected with a dedicated hardware appliance, provided by RioRey, on each and every incoming line, allowing us to protect against multi-gigabit attacks. This service is now listed with all of our dedicated server and colocation offerings and is being provided to all existing customers at no additional charge.

With the hardware in place, roughly 1 minute of a DDoS will likely get through as the hardware analyzes the data to assure it isn't legitimate traffic, but then the attack should be brought to an almost immediate halt. This hardware is not only to protect those who get attacked, but our network as a whole. Even though DDoS attacks have not been a major issue on our network, this setup should assure that they will never have a major affect on our overall network.

I would just like to clarify that by having DDoS protection it does not mean that you should encourage DDoS attacks nor does it mean that we are removing our restrictions on IRC related services or those that receive persistent DDoS attacks.

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