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We are proud to announce the opening of a new data center space in Edison, New Jersey! The new data center offers tier 3 redundancy and reliability, and will allow us to expand our footprint in the northeast.

Steadfast had previously acquired hosting provider The New York NOC, but our expansion plans lead to a search for a new space. Colocation hosting services have been available out of the New York metro area since Q3 2009; dedicated server, colocation, and cloud hosting services have been available since Q1 2010. Current New York-based clients have successfully migrated to the New Jersey location.

The data center facility can support Tier 3 redundancy and reliability. The move to New Jersey offers the best in security and customizable space, at an optimal cost. The building is more than 830,000 square feet, and is the largest commercially available modular data center.

“Our data center in northern New Jersey is a state-of-the-art location – the modular facility will allow us to the flexibility to quickly grow and expand,” said Karl Zimmerman, CEO. “Data centers in the New York area are, by and large, moving to northern New Jersey, and we are excited to expand our footprint in the northeast.”

“We are ready to truly introduce Steadfast’s services to the northeast – from Pennsylvania to New York City,” said Joe Bong, COO and EVP of Sales. “We offer great service to our Midwest clients, and look forward to expanding, and offering superior data redundancy. Our clients from New York have already moved with us, and we look forward to working with more businesses in the area.”

Join us in New Jersey! 

Karl Zimmerman takes on roles of Chairman and CEO; Joe Bong promoted to COO and EVP of Sales

[PRESS RELEASE] Steadfast, a leading provider of managed cloud hosting, dedicated servers, colocation, hybrid hosting, and disaster recovery, announced Karl Zimmerman, will transition to the roles of Chairman and CEO. Joe Bong, former Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Executive Vice President of Sales.

Zimmerman’s new roles will allow him to focus on the overall direction and future of the company and its products, building long term relationships, and creating benefits for customers and employees. Bong will take lead on the day-to-day management.

“Promoting Joe Bong to COO of Steadfast will allow him to utilize his over 25 years of experience in industry,” Zimmerman said. “The company has grown as a result of his focus as the CRO, and this move will allow him to bring that drive and energy to everyday operations; he’ll unify our mission across all departments including sales, implementation and support.”

Additionally, Steadfast has hired Jamie Madison as marketing manager. Madison comes to Steadfast with marketing, communications and events experience from startup organizations, large nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies; she is an alumnus of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

“We have a great product, and Jamie will use her skills in social media, marketing and events to connect with our clients, and further spread the word about Steadfast,” said Bong. “We’re taking our message to the next level, and will hit the market with both specials and important industry information, including thought leadership from our subject matter experts.”

Steadfast has also hired data center technicians Ricardo Camilo, Yamil Moyeno and Mohammad Hasan for the new data center in Edison, NJ; they have been preparing the data center to be fully up and running in late May. The new facility will serve the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania regions.

About a month ago, Steadfast was a sponsor of the 2014 Badger State Science & Engineering Fair. While we donated money, I feel it was much more important that we donated our time. Personally, I served as a judge for both the Math/Computers award, as Presented by Steadfast, as well as the Best of Fair awards, and found it to be an extremely rewarding experience. It was astounding to see the amount of time and level of attention these high school students gave to their projects. If I could just play a small part in helping these students pursue their interests in mathematics, science, and engineering, it was easily worth my time. I would encourage anyone to take the time to help students build these projects, be their mentors, give them access to your business or lab, or be a judge at a competition.
Due to the high quality of so many of the projects, judging was very difficult; there was certainly some heated debate between judges. But, I am very happy with the way the results came out. The winners of the awards for Math/Computer Science as Presented by Steadfast were:
1st Place - Karen Chen for her project on Autocatalytic Networks

2nd Place - Bertrand Stone for his project on the Characterization of the Line Complexity of Cellular Automata Generated by Polynomial Transition Rules

Karen Chen Receiving the 1st Place Award in Math/Computers as Presented by Steadfast
Presenting Karen Chen with the 1st Place Award in Math/Computers as Presented by Steadfast

The Best of Fair Winners were:

1st Place - Karina Schmidt for her project on Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes as a Model for Ischemia Reperfusion Injury

2nd Place - Amara McCune for her project on Optimizing the Accuracy and Precision of Asteroid Orbital Determination

All winners (you can see a full list here) received scholarships to Marian University in Fond du Lac, WI. The two Best of Fair winners were also sent to the  Intel International Science and Engineering Fair to be held in Los Angeles, California from May 11-16, 2014. We wish Karina and Amara the best on their trip to Los Angeles!

Karl Zimmerman
Chairman & CEO

Steadfast is expanding! Come celebrate with us at our new office space - delicious appetizers and drinks will be served, and tours of our data center across the street will be held throughout the event.

What: Steadfast Open House

When: April 24th, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Where: 800 S. Wells, Suite 190, Chicago IL 60607

RSVP Here - space is limited!

We are proud to co-sponsor this event with our new partner, Veeam. "Becoming a Veeam Cloud Provider partner has allowed Steadfast to design, build and offer next-level backup and replication solutions for our private cloud, dedicated and colocation customers running Hyper-V and ESXi," said Karl Zimmerman, president of Steadfast. Check out our press release here.

Steadfast is also attending the Small Business Expo at Navy Pier on April 24th. Registration is free, and the show floor is open from 10 am - 5 pm. Visit us at Booth 823!

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Last week I was at the Forbes Reinventing America Summit here in Chicago. There were some amazing speakers, including Rahm Emanuel (Mayor of Chicago), Jack Dalrymple (Governor of North Dakota), Michael Pence (Governor of Indiana), Rick Snyder (Governor of Michigan), Thomas Vilsack (Secretary of U.S. Department of Agriculture), Lou Anna K. Simon, Ph.D. (President of Michigan State University), David Cote (Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Honeywell), Sam Zell (Chairman of Equity Group Investments), Shahid Khan (Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Flex-in-Gate and Owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars and Fulham Football Club) and many, many others. It was a tremendous event that focused largely on what businesses can do to keep America competitive and moving forward. I want to share what I learned with the wider world, so I will be putting together a couple blog posts over the coming weeks. One of my favorites was Steve Forbes interviewing Bill Ford, the Executive Chairman of Ford, so that is where I will begin.

I'm not always a fan of the way many big business operate, but Bill Ford covered many of the things I feel are so critical in every business: believe in your company and take calculated risks based on that belief; invest in the long-term success of your own company and never lose focus on the long game; and improving your suppliers is critical to your own success.

Bill Ford and Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Media, and Bill Ford, Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Co., at the inaugural Forbes Reinventing America Summit held in Chicago, IL, March 26-March 28, 2014 (Credit: Glen Davis/Forbes)

Believe in Your Company, Take Risks

In 2006, the Ford Motor Company was not doing very well ($12.6 billion loss), and things clearly weren't going in the right direction. Instead of just trying to cut costs, Bill Ford took decisive action and some huge risks -- because he believed in Ford and what it could do. Not only did he give up his CEO duties to an automotive outsider, Alan Mulally, but he essentially mortgaged all the assets of Ford, including his own family name. He believed that given the right resources, Ford and its employees would be able to turn things around.

This change at the top and cash infusion was a huge risk, but it worked. This capital gave Ford the cash it needed to invest internally, and gave the new CEO the resources he needed to turn things around. In the end, this turned out to be an even bigger success. The 2008 financial crisis loomed around the corner, and Ford was the only one of the three major U.S. automakers to avoid bankruptcy and government financing.

Invest in the Long Term

When Ford turned a $12.6 billion loss, they could have followed advice from Wall Street, reducing their research and development spending and cutting costs as much as possible. Instead, as noted above, Bill Ford took a risk and invested in the future, with a "double down" on research and development spending. While others in the industry were reducing their research and development costs, Ford continued to invest more. Research and development investment is critical in all industries, not just tech companies. Nearly 90% of patents still come from manufacturing companies like Ford; if you're not looking to the future, your competitors are... which means you're falling behind.

Bill Ford said that as the Chairman, it was his job to be the "institutional memory" of the company. He recalled how bad things were in the 70's, and how Ford addressed the problems. They remedied issues by focusing on improving their product, and delivering better quality products the customers wanted. He indicated that you can never take a step backward because of short term circumstances, you always need to be focused on the long term. You build your long term business on the quality of the product, your employees, and the relationships with your customers and vendors.

Invest in Your Vendors

Most businesses know, or at least they think they know, that they need to focus on the quality of the product, employees, and customer relationships. Many companies forget how dependent they are on their suppliers and vendors, and the importance of those relationships. They may take the care and effort in making initial vendor selections, but then do not make any further effort to improve the vendor relationship. As Bill Ford said, this is becoming even more and more important as product release cycles are speeding up to meet the faster software release cycles of this software centered world.

When your vendor has an issue, you and your business will be affected. A poor or unreliable vendor prevents you from releasing a product on time, can force you to deliver a poor product to your customers, and prevents you from building efficient internal processes. While it may be a problem on the vendor side, it doesn't matter to your customers, or to your bottom line. Take the time and effort to build relationships with your vendors, give them regular feedback and input, make sure they're aware of what your needs are, and when your needs are not met. Select one vendor for a given item where possible, then invest in the vendors you select. Give them firm commitments and live up to those commitments, help them with their own research and development, and look at making direct financial investments. If you can trust and rely on your vendors to always deliver what you need, when you need it, it empowers you to deliver a superior product to your own customers, while simplifying the process for your staff.

The Results

With these lessons, Ford turned around very quickly. After their $12.3 billion loss in 2006, they astounded Wall Street and made a $750 million profit in the 2nd quarter of 2007. While they were hurt badly by the recession, with losses of $14.5 billion in 2008, they kept afloat and again turned things around with a $3 billion profit in 2009. The success stayed with continuing high profits ($7.1B in 2010, $8.6B in 2011, $7.7B in 2012, and $7B in 2013). This success didn't come from cutting employee benefits, or slashing research and development costs: it came from improving their product and relationship with their customers by taking risks on their company, focusing on the long term, and investing in their vendors.


- Karl Zimmerman, President

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