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Matt Laskowski, Channel Director Northeast Region

We are happy to welcome Matt Laskowski, Channel Director, to the Steadfast team! Matt is located in the northeast region, supporting our efforts in Edison, New Jersey. Our space in Edison is ready to serve the northeast region and facilitate the shift to a secure, highly scalable, modular data center facility.

Matt has been in the industry almost a decade, helping customers and prospects understand how specific technology can make a positive impact on their business plan, creating solutions that will grow alongside their organization.

“I aim to alleviate pain points for my customers. I work hard to resolve the issues that keep customers from focusing on and meeting their own business goals,” said Matt. "I take a consultative approach to resolving complex problems. With today’s ever changing technology, I have found this is the best way to ensure a strong working relationship with my customers.”

“We look forward to Steadfast’s growth in the northeast, utilizing Matt’s expertise in the field,” said Karl Zimmerman, founder and CEO. “Matt understands that our goal is to provide flexibility that helps businesses grow, and he knows how to build the best solutions and relationships.”

“Matt brings 10 years of experience in northeast, from SunGard and Windstream, where he managed channel and sales relationships, and business development,” said Joe Bong, COO. “Matt opens up a whole new market for Steadfast; he shares our story, and differentiates us in the marketplace.”

Our Steadfast data center facility in Edison, NJ can support Tier 3 redundancy and reliability. New Jersey offers the best in security and customizable space, at an optimal cost. The building is more than 830,000 square feet, and is the largest commercially available modular data center. Businesses in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania are among those utilizing the facility.

“The northeast is ready for change,” said Matt. “The IO facility in Edison, NJ is jaw dropping. There is nothing like it available in the region, which is an immediate competitive advantage. Steadfast is the only managed services and infrastructure provider to have an actual physical presence on site within the facility in Edison. Businesses have grown tired of the old and carbon copy data centers. The modular facility adds layers of security and scalability that business are looking for.”

Matt can be reached at matt.laskowski(at)steadfast(dot)net or or 267-243-4342. 


Continuing our Ask an Engineer series, Marc Schulz, our Managing Implementation Engineer, addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about Linux/Unix-based private clouds. Marc specializes in Linux and Networking deployments for Steadfast's midwest region.

Hear from Marc after the break!

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Cloud is a popular buzzword. Everyone is talking about moving to the cloud - but it seems as discussion increases, confusion and misinformation grows. There are so many things to consider when you're deciding to move to the cloud. Security, space, accessibility - it's daunting.

We want to help clear the confusion around Cloud. We are holding our very first open Cloud Consulting Day on Wednesday, October 8th. Appointments will be available from 9 am CST through 9 PM CST. Those interested should sign up for a time slot here: Cloud Consulting Day

This is about personalized education. A steadily increasing number of organizations are moving their data to the cloud, but there are several things to consider beforehand. Our CEO Karl Zimmerman, and Implementation Engineers Marc Schulz and Patrick Murray, will hold 30 minute meetings to discuss how you can migrate your business to the cloud, answer security questions, and serve as a resource to educate the business community about the cloud.

Meetings will take place at Steadfast – 800 S Wells St., Suite 190, Chicago IL 60607. Meetings will also be available via GoToMeeting (or other Web Conference solutions), and over the phone.

In order to guide a meaningful, personalized discussion, answers to the following questions will help: 

  • How does your existing IT infrastructure run your business?
  • Do you require any sort of security compliance?
  • How much downtime do you experience on a regular basis? What impact does downtime have on your business?
  • Do you have any issues managing your infrastructure? If so, what are they? Is your staff 24/7?
  • How many servers comprise your existing infrastructure? What are their specs? (Including: Processors, Memory, Storage)
  • Do you have any dedicated storage devices in your environment? (SAN, NAS, etc.)
  • Are you currently using virtualization in your existing environment? If so, what hypervisor platform are you utilizing?
  • What operating systems are running on your servers? If Linux, what do they run? (LAMP, etc.) If Windows, what do they run? (SQL, Active Directory, Exchange, etc.)
  • What are your current backup and disaster recovery plans?
  • Do you have currently have any limitations caused by your IT infrastructure (inability to upgrade software, process orders, etc.)? What amount of work/labor does it takes to maintain that infrastructure? What is your IT team like?

If you have any questions about our questions, we're also happy to talk through it. Interested? Sign up for a meeting here: Cloud Consulting Day

Our engineers work hard to help customers understand the changing technology that will be a big part of their workplace. 

Patrick Murray is our Microsoft Implementation Engineer, with an extensive Windows system administration background. His professional passion lies primarily with Microsoft products and he has planned, installed, configured, administered, and provided support for nearly every major Microsoft product since 2003.

Patrick compiled our client's most frequently asked questions about Microsoft and the Private Cloud. Check out these cloud questions after the break!

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Summer is coming to a close, and we have a number of exciting Fall updates to share. Feel free to contact Jamie with any questions, and we hope to see you soon!

We will be hosting the SBAC Happy Hour in our new offices. If you haven't had a chance to check out our space, come join us for drinks overlooking the boat slips on the river!

Date: September 25th
Time: 5:30 - 7:30 PM 
Location: 800 S Wells, Chicago IL 60607
Cost: FREE for SBAC members; $10 for non-members. 

RSVP information is available here
; simply email Blanca at SBAC.
We recently opened for business in a new data center in Edison, NJ; so, we will be attending Techweek New York! We hope you can visit our booth. Karl will also be leading a panel about security in the Private Cloud. Stay tuned for more details!

Date: October 2-3rd
Location:  82 Mercer St, New York NY
Register for Techweek Here 
Web Hosting Secret Revealed (WHSR) interviewed our CEO Karl about the secrets to Steadfast's success. You can check out the full interview here. Excerpt below:

WHSR: Steadfast offers a wide range of IT services – cloud hosting, disaster recovery, network management, and so on. Can you give us an overview on Steadfast business?

Karl: Our real focus is in providing expertise and experience, not just hardware or facilities. Anyone can provide basic colocation or a server, that isn’t complicated. What people really need is a true partner, someone that can help them figure out what they really need; and they need someone to rely on, keeping their services up 24/7. They don’t want to worry about their infrastructure, they want someone they can depend upon to be there for them, to take care of things and help when it is needed.

In order to give this sort of comfort, we also need to have flexibility in our service offerings so we can give the customer exactly what they need – a perfect fit – instead of forcing them into one solution. We’re not just a public cloud company, so we’re not saying the public cloud is the answer to everything, because it isn’t. We will work with our customers to find the right answer, whether it is public cloud, private cloud, managed dedicated servers, colocation, managed network services, disaster recovery/business continuity or any combination of those things. That is where I feel we really shine, with complex solutions that combine multiple product segments.

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