Peering Policy

BGP Peering Information

Steadfast Networks has an open peering policy, however we do have several basic requirements:

  • Peering partners must not be a Steadfast Networks transit customer
  • Peering partners must maintain a 24x7 Network Operations Center.
  • Peering partners must cooperate in the troubleshooting of any peering related issues, denial of service attacks, UCE, hacking or virus penetration.
  • Peering partners are prohibited from abusing our peering relationship by pointing default or resetting any next-hop.
  • Peering partners are requested to peer at all common peering points.
  • We reserve the right to not peer with anyone as we see fit and to terminate any peering at any time with 30 days notice.
  • We reserve the right to change this policy with 30 days notice.

Steadfast Networks operates under the global autonomous system number of 32748 and operates both IPv4 and IPv6 networks available for peering.

All routes originating from Steadfast Networks will be registered in the IRR under the AS Macro of AS-STEADFAST.

We maintain a PeeringDB record located at

To establish peering, please contact us via email at

Public Peering Locations

  • Equinix Exchange, Chicago, IL -, 2001:504:0:4::3:2748:1
  • NYIIX, New York, NY -, 2001:504:1::A503:2748:1
  • PAIX, New York, NY -, 2001:504:f::5a

If you pass us more than 20 Mbit/sec we would also be willing to consider a private peering relationship at 350 E Cermak Rd. in Chicago, 111 8th Ave. in New York, 60 Hudson in New York (Switch and Data), or 529 Bryant in Palo Alto.

For any emergencies/issues regarding an existing peering relationship, please contact our 24/7 network operations department at or call 312-602-2689 option 1.