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Our "Always there" service has lead to customer referrals being a major factor in our growth over the years. To help push this even further, we will reward anyone who refers new customers our way with a very flexible affiliate program that pays out 35% of the first month’s fee, no matter what service they purchase.

The Plan

  1. Sign-up for Our Affiliate Program
  2. Use the custom URL you are provided to refer people to Steadfast's web site via links or graphics, which we provide, on your web site, email, instant message, or social media.
  3. When a user signs up for our products because your referral (the cookie is kept with that user for a full year) this will be allocated to your account.
  4. After 60 days, once we can confirm the account is valid, you will receive 35% (via PayPal, check, or an account credit) of the monthly fee for that user.
  5. You will be so happy that you just made money for something you would have done anyway that you take the entire Steadfast team out for a beer. (We can dream can't we?)

The Small Print

There really is no small print since we want to make this as easy as possible for you. The only “catch” is that for us to send a check you will need to have a balance of $100 or more, but we can issue account credits or PayPal payments at any time.

What is your excuse? You know you love our service and you’ll send people to us anyway. You might as well get paid for it. Sign-up Now!